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Matt Hart


Matt Hart is a freelance journalist whose work has appeared in Outside, National Geographic Adventure, and Men's Journal magazine. He resides in Boulder, Colorado.

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Salmon article
Outdoor Sports Guide

The Protein Question - Outdoor Sports Guide

Protein is one of the three macronutrients we get from food: carbohydrates, protein, and fat. It’s in every cell in the human body....

Chocomilk article
Outdoor Sports Guide

Got Chocolate Milk?

Why You Don't Need It for Recovery.

Open uri20130215 28928 zf4cs4 article
Outdoor Sports Guide

Run Wild

Salt Lake’s Best Dirt Trails and Athlete Spotlights

Earlywinter2013 meghan hicks grandeur peak article
Outdoor Sports Guide

Wasatch Wonderland - Outdoor Sports Guide

Snow Season Trail Running My footfalls are measured but sloppy, uneven, and shorter than normal as I make my way up Grandeur Peak. Each step lands in a few inches of the eight percent density white gold that makes the Wasatch so special. It’s been snowing, but I don’t have...